Meet Our Team

Kimberly Watkins-Swenk

Digital Director

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Born in the Midwest and raised in the South by a European mother, Kimberly brings a rare combination of Midwestern practicality, Southern sense of flair, and European sophistication to her work.

Her love of travel, lifestyle & luxury brands and her two boys have lead Kimberly on a personal and professional journey to not only being the Digital Director or Our Town Monthly, but also owning her social media consulting firm that allows her the flexibility to do the things she loves.

With each client or advertiser, Kimberly takes a deep dive into their marketing and advertising efforts, studying what works, what doesn’t, and applies current marketing and social media trends and best practices to create the most effective strategy possible.

If 15 years in advertising & marketing taught Kimberly one thing, it is that the marketplace is fast-paced, dynamic, and complex. What is hot is already old and worked today won’t necessarily work tomorrow.

Change is inevitable, but being prepared for change is not. A solid social media strategy, along with great implementation, is critical to any company’s success. Kimberly considers it her honor and privilege to help companies make the most of the power of social media.


Before starting her own company to spend more time with her two boys, Kimberly worked for the State of Georgia studying labor market trends, a subsidiary of Danone leading the online digital marketing efforts, and BellSouth, now AT&T, in their marketing communications department.